Chapter Personnel

Our coaching staff is passionate in sharing why the game of golf is the leading format to teach our youth the life skills necessary to maneuver through their world.  They come to us with many different backgrounds and experiences which make them uniquely qualified to reach kids from all backgrounds.  They are basketball coaches, swimming instructors, florists, military, baseball coaches, car dealers and even PGA golf professionals.   Just like all golf swings are different, all kids are different.  It takes a variety of styles to find what works best to get them excited and engaged.  If you have a desire to help our kids become better adults, please call us or stop by a class to learn more about how you can help.


Executive Staff

Smith, Alan
Recognized “TFT” Coach
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Graham, Jim
TFT Level 2 Coach
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Haynes, Billy
TFT Instructor
Level 1 Coach
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